Helping Families in Need

Providing School Uniforms, Hope and Support
Currently partnering with public elementary schools in Miami-Dade County

Who We Are

Paquita’s Angels is a non-profit that provides uniforms for elementary school students of families in need in the South Florida area (and growing).

The Truth About School Uniforms

School uniforms have been adopted by South Florida public schools to keep students safe and focused on their education, prevent bullying and increase school spirit. 

While there are many pros and cons to requiring uniforms, one thing is clear: They place a huge financial burden on the 15.2% of families living in poverty in Miami-Dade county. 

The children of those families often end up with used uniforms or can only buy 1 or 2 per child. Some are not able to buy the uniforms at all and suffer repercussions mandated by the schools. They often have lower self-esteem, lose faith in the school system and become targets for bullying. Uniforms were instituted to remedy these problems, but for many children the opposite has been true. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s More Than a Uniform

When a child has to show up to school on their first day with a stained or worn out uniform or no uniform at all, it just reinforces the message that they are different. They don’t feel empowered to succeed. They view school as an impediment instead of an asset. 

Unfortunately, the children whose families can’t afford school uniforms feel excluded. They aren’t treated like a part of the school community and are singled out in class for not having a uniform.

Not having a school uniform should never be an impediment to a child’s educational growth or stunt their potential. School should be the stepping stone to their dreams. 

When a child gets their uniform package from Paquita’s Angels, they already feel more confident and look forward to using their new clothes. Their parents feel seen and supported. The family starts to view the school as an ally and is more likely to seek help in the future. 

This is Paquita’s vision for the children of South Florida.