Clothe a Kid
with Confidence

Children living in need often experience higher levels of stress which increases the risk of anxiety and behavioral disorders and can impair memory. School just feels like another place to struggle. Show kids in need that they can succeed.

What’s Inside

Paquita’s Angels Uniform Packages empower kids (and families) to feel like they can be their best selves at school. The goal is to show kids that school is their key to a better future and that school is on their side.

Ready To Donate?

How Your Donation Gets Uniforms to Children

You Donate

As a non-profit, we make sure
as much of your donation goes
to the school uniforms as possible.

Volunteers Assemble It

Our Paquita’s Angels
come together to
assemble the packages.

Child Receives Uniforms

They open their package
and find brand new
clothing just for them.

miss out!

Want to be a part of bringing hope to the families in need of South Florida. Put on your wings and join us!

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All of our monthly donors are warmly welcomed into On Angel’s Wings, a community of passionate and committed members dedicated to helping children in need in the South Florida area and seniors in Honduras.

They will help us continue expanding our mission and make Abuelita Paquita proud.

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Questions? Ideas?

Do you have questions about our Paquita’s Angels Uniform Packages or about how your school can get involved? Know of a resource or partner we should connect with to provide better support for our kids? Our team will answer you within 1-2 business days. Thank you!